The 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering a Wedding Cake From The Cake Gallery.

Why should I choose your bakery over other bakeries or cake artists?

  • The Cake Gallery provides a great wedding cake for couples on a tight budget or who have achieved rock-star status..

  • Our wedding cakes are made with our unique flavorful ULTRAmoist.™ cake blend.

  • Our showroom displays 20-30 new and trendy cakes every six months. That means you will be seeing the most current styles available anywhere.

  • We are recognized as innovators for the wedding cake industry. As a couple examples, we are the first bakery in the country to provide a comprehensive written guarantee for your assurance of receiving a fantastic wedding cake and the first bakery to present wedding cake videos, in addition, to the single largest photo gallery for a bakery in the world.

  • We co-founded Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers of America. An organization that only accepts wedding cake providers who are willing and able to abide by the wedding cake principals and standards found in the guide "The Ultimate Bride’s Guide For Buying A Wedding Cake in 2016 & 2017"

  • We are recognized as the “Best cake bakery in Omaha for 2015” by Omaha Magazine's Best of Omaha, Reader Magazine, and KETV. We have been also nationally recognized by “The Knot,” and "Wedding Wire." The Daily Meal ranks us the 37th best place to get a wedding cake in the entire United States for 2015.

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Do you make more wedding cakes than you show on your website?

Can you duplicate a photo from a magazine or from another website?

How do you charge for your wedding cakes?

Why don’t you list the exact prices of your wedding cakes on your website?

Do I need an appointment to see your wedding cake showroom?

Do you offer free sample cakes?

How much cake should I order?

Do I include the servings from a groom’s cake in my total servings?

What are your most popular flavors and fillings?

Can I have more than one flavor of cake?

How can The Cake Gallery have so many more flavors and fillings than other wedding cake places I have visited?

How small or large can you make a wedding cake?

How much do you charge for your smallest wedding cake?

Can I change the colors I see on the Internet or from a display in your store to my colors?

I have unusual colors. Are you able to match them?

Can I change anything I see on a particular wedding cake design?

If I use fresh flowers, do you or my florist place them on my wedding cake?

Why is fondant more expensive?

Do you carry any wedding cake toppers?

How far will you deliver a wedding cake?

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

How much payment do you require to hold a date for me?

How far in advance should I finalize my order?

I understand The Cake Gallery only takes a certain amount of wedding cakes per weekend. If you are already booked up for my date, who else do you recommend?

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25 most frequently asked questions about ordering a wedding cake from The Cake Gallery

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